Builders Clean

This is a comprehensive cleaning service we provide to present  residential or commercial properties in an immaculate condition after it has undergone a renovation or after it has been built. When tradesmen conclude their construction work, they pack their things and go and the property is left with the after-build mess. Excess of debris, scrap, waste, dust, silicon, cement mortar are everywhere to be found, making it a headache for the builder or property owner.  


This is where our dedicated team will come in and take care of everything. We clean and polish every corner of the property, from rooms, carpet, windows, bathrooms, kitchen, tiles, bulbs, skirting and shelves, you name it. This  is to prepare your property to be vacated or ready for sale. 


For further details or pricing inquiries contact our friendly team now, we’re at your service! 


Our Mission


To deliver excellent customer service and high quality work.


To preserve our environment by the use of eco-friendly cleaning equipment.

Your Satisfaction

To ensure your experience is seamless and hassle-free and to guarantee your expectations are delivered. 

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