The essential cleaning your home needs!

Nobody likes a dirty home, everyone fears having unexpected guests visit and see all the mess in their home and the smell that comes with it!

What everyone wants is a tidy and pleasant home untouched by the busyness of life and the foot-traffic of family and friends. How can this be achieved?

To begin, the key is to create an efficient task schedule to keep your home sparkling clean!


Daily Cleans

Make your beds, every morning

Beginning with the most immediate task at hand, you’ll be sure to set a ‘can do’ attitude towards the day when it comes to cleaning and tidying your space. Make your beds every morning, your rest space must is the first place and best place to have an orderly feel in your home.

Clear clutter around home

To the other areas of your home, make it a daily practice to clear clutter by returning items to their designated spaces. Because a lot of items can travel or be moved around, from toys, books, and gadgets. Clearing clutter makes it easier to clean spaces.

The mountain in the room – laundry pileups

Stay on top of laundry pileups, as this contributes to a large percentage of clutter when your laundry basket overflows. A consistent cleaning of laundry is a huge weight off the to do list!

Dishes, dishes, dishes

Ensure that dishes don’t pile up. The food spills and scraps attract more flies and ants which’ll further add on to your workload.


Weekly Cleans

Kitchen Deep Clean

Thoroughly clean your kitchen space from grease, food spills and splashes. Include a wipe down and sanitizing kitchen bench, appliances such as microwave, and kitchen range hood.

Vacuum and Mop

A weekly vacuum and mop not only leaves you with a fresh space but also gets rid of allergens around your home. Be sure to vacuum all spaces of your home, including skirtings and corners of the room where most of the dust gathers. When it comes to mopping, hot water does wonders in freshening your floor and tiles.

Freshen up the bathroom

Bathrooms must be maintained weekly to keep it free of mould, grouts, and any other dirt that comes from daily usage. So tackle the hard stuff such as mould and grouts with your mould killer and bathroom disinfectant. Polish the chrome fixtures with a microfibre cloth. Wipe any water splash or toothpaste stains off your bathroom sink with a microfibre cloth.


Monthly Cleans

Window Clean

Nothing says neat better than shiny clear windows. To achieve this, simply use a microfibre cloth, a squeegee, and a home made cleaning mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar. Simply apply the cleaning mixture on to the glass, then wipe with the microfibre cloth to remove any dust and dirt particles, and to finish just squeegee away any excess cleaning solution on the window and you’re done!

Click here for other effective methods of cleaning your windows.

Fridge and Pantry Clean

Dive in to your food supplies, both fridge and freezer, and discard all forgotten food or expired items. This is a good way to clean up to avoid further clutter and pileup of items to create more space as you bring in more shopping and items weekly.


Clear any dust that has gathered over the month in your window sills, furniture, cupboards and shelves. Also a good time to remove any cob-webs that have built over time.

and lastly,

Annual Deep Cleans

Carpet Steam Clean

It’s a good time to hire a steam clean machine to clean your furniture upholstery, carpet and rugs, to freshen them up from all years usage. This not only helps maintain the quality of your carpet, rugs and upholstery but also removes any allergens inside them that have been contained.

Gutter and Driveway

Set aside a day or two to clear out any gutter blockages, the leaves and twigs that have gathered over the year. Additionally, pressure wash your driveway to maintain pristine looking condition.

Oven Clean

Any avid user of their oven would know that ovens can be difficult to clean once grease and grime build up. You definitely don’t want for this to be waiting for another year.

Clean your oven with a heavy duty oven cleaner, use product like Selleys ‘Oven Cleaner’. Let the solution sit for its designated time then finish by scrubbing and wiping the dirt and grime off with a sponge or microfibre cloth.

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