How Much Does It Cost to Clean Solar Panels?

Maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your solar panel system requires periodic cleaning. The cost of cleaning solar panels can vary significantly based on various factors, including the size of the system, location, cleaning method, frequency, accessibility, and roof type. Let’s explore these factors in detail and illustrate them through example scenarios to help determine how much it costs to clean solar panels.

Factors Affecting How Much it Costs to Clean Solar Panels:

1. System Size:

The number of panels in your solar panel system plays a key role in determining the overall cleaning cost. Standard systems often consist of 14 to 20 panels. More panels generally translate to higher cleaning costs.

2. Location:

Geographic location impacts cleaning service costs. Areas with higher living expenses and labour rates tend to have slightly higher cleaning service prices.

3. Cleaning Method:

The chosen cleaning method affects the cost to clean your solar panels. Options include manual cleaning, automated systems, water-fed poles, and even drone-based cleaning. While specialised methods might be pricier, they could yield superior results.

4. Frequency of Solar Panel Cleaning:

The frequency of cleaning also influences the total cost. Some opt for annual cleaning, while others prefer more frequent maintenance. Cleaning more often might lead to higher cumulative costs.

5. Accessibility to Solar Panels:

The accessibility of your solar panels is a crucial factor. Panels on a single-story roof are generally easier to clean than those on a double-story roof. Hard-to-reach panels may require more time and effort, thus raising the cost.

6. Roof Type:

Different roof types, such as tin, tiles, cement, or terracotta, may require varying cleaning techniques. Roof type can influence the cleaning process and potentially the cost.

7. Additional Charges for Solar Panel Cleaning:

Beyond the base cleaning cost, additional charges may apply which will alter how much it costs to clean your solar panels:

Call-Out Fee: Covers the travel cost of the cleaning service.

Distance Fee: Accounts for the service’s travel distance.

Complexity Fee: Applied for specialised cleaning due to severe dirt, soiling, or complexities.

Example Scenarios to Illustrate Differences in How Much it Can Cost To Clean Solar Panels:

Scenario 1: Basic Cleaning for 14 Panels on a Single-Story Roof.

Cost per panel: $8.00 – $15.00

Estimated cost range (cleaning only): $150.00 (minimum cost for single-story) – $210.00

Additional notes: Commercial volume may expect lower costs due to economies of scale. Fewer panels may lead to mid to high-range costs as setup time remains constant.

Scenario 2: Thorough Cleaning for 20 Panels on a Double-Story Roof.

Cost per panel: $10.00 – $15.00

Estimated cost range (cleaning only): $250.00 (minimum cost for double-story) – $300.00

Additional notes: Commercial volume may anticipate lower costs due to economies of scale. Fewer panels may result in mid to high-range costs as setup time remains consistent.

When calculating how much it the cost of cleaning your solar panels would be, it’s essential to consider these factors and work with local solar panel cleaning services to obtain accurate estimates. By providing detailed information about your panels, roof, location, and cleaning preferences, you can receive precise quotes that encompass all relevant elements. This ensures that your solar panels receive the necessary care without any surprises in terms of cost.

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